Adventurous winter sports experiences in the heart of Tyrol


Maximum powder action on Wiedersberger Horn

As soon as fresh powder covers the Tyrolean mountains, freeride enthusiasts head for the Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau. What’s waiting for you there? One of the best backcountry areas in Tyrol!

The pristine powder slopes on Wiedersberger Horn near Inneralpbach are a magical attraction for adventurous winter sports enthusiasts. The freeride zone is located right next to Hornbahn 2000 in the direction of Inneralpbach/Greitergraben. Always accompanying you: magnificent views of the Kitzbühel Alps.

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Top freeride event at Ski Juwel 

An annual highlight is the Open Faces-Freeride-Event. The event includes a one-star competition and a two-star junior competition. The star categorisation corresponds to the respective skills of the freeriders. This way, newcomers can also participate.

If you prefer to watch the event as a spectator, head to the Public Area at Wiedersberger Alm. That’s where you will find an amazing atmosphere and can listen to cool music. Looking at the LED screen, you can follow the action live and cheer on your favourite skiers.

Circle it in your calendar: The next contest as part of Open Faces 2024 will take place on Saturday, 03 February 2024!

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Safe off-piste skiing

How do you make freeriding in the Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau a safe experience? Quite simply by taking the following rules of conduct for the backcountry to heart:

Experience freeriding adventures together.
Experience freeriding adventures together.

Experiencing this exciting winter sport together is twice the fun and most importantly: safer! Should a dangerous situation arise, fellow riders are on hand to provide immediate assistance.

Check snow conditions and avalanche transceivers.

Before the adventure begins, it is advisable to check the current avalanche warnings. The next step is to determine whether the transmission function of the avalanche transceiver is intact. To do this, it is best to alternate between search and transmit mode.

Choose safe ascent routes and descents.

Just like when driving on the motorway: Keep a safe distance when freeriding! So-called relief distances are fundamentally necessary on potential avalanche slopes. There should be around 15 metres between you and your fellow freeriders in order to relieve the snowpack. If the distance seems too small, it can be increased depending on the location of the slope.

Also important: Try to avoid gullies and hollows as much as possible!

To ensure that the descent is equally as safe, you can consider the following tips:

  • The most experienced group member goes first to find a safe vantage point. This means a place where there is no danger of avalanches.
  • Space the distances between the riders sensibly!
  • On key sections that are difficult to assess, freeriders should ski one after the other.
  • Always cross danger zones one after the other!
  • A freeride skier with experience takes the role of the taillight.
Protect the environment

Whatever winter sport you practise, the protection of our beautiful nature always plays an important role. Remember to dispose of tissues, leftover food and other rubbish in an environmentally friendly way, treat wild animals with respect and keep your distance from them!

Varied winter sports experiences

Do you prefer to stay in safe terrain? No problem! There’s a wide range of ski runs and diverse snow parkswaiting for you in the ski area. The toboggan runs and winter hiking trails invite you to enjoy winter sports without skis or snowboards. And families with children will enjoy the special kids slopes, the Juppi Do children’s area, Schatzberg Zwergenland and Alpbachtaler Lauser-Sauser alpine coaster.